Best Admin Support Partner!
Partners BPO is a company that comes to serve you the best support on most of the web purpose for your business. As your business partner, we will help you with the best web services in these sorts of your requirements:
  • Project Management Service Gathering ideas and making plans on them for projects regarding your business type. Launching your projects. Control projects and provide you the best outcomes. Closing the project with a clear and clean report.
  • Customer Support Service Creating a help desk for your customers. Provide them your business details. Give them their required information according to your products or services. Displaying details of your products and services to your respected customers regarding their interest. Receiving their complaints politely. Trying to give a solution of those problems with your help. Maintain a permanent relationship with your customers.
  • Social Media Management Service Preparing profile on several popular social media for your business. Manage your social media profiles Regularly update them with new contents. Posting your business news and relevant news on them. Preparing content on your products and services for those social media profiles. Social Media Marketing through them. Gathering huge traffic on them. E-commerce Store Management Service Preparing your e-commerce store and its site. Manage your e-commerce site. Upload contents on your products and services regularly. Receiving order for your business. Gathering potential customers on your site. Creating amazing relation with your customers. Email Marketing Service Targeting potential customers for your business through email. Engage them with your business through email. Preparing outstanding email content. Sending the email with outstanding contents to them. Tracking your customers. Regularly update them with your new products and services. Developing the best brand-customer relation with them through email.
  • Web Research Quantitative and qualitative web researching for targeting potential customers. Researching on new and popular market trends according to your products and services. Conducting broad research on your competitor companies and their products and services. Conducting CATI survey to know customers feedback and interest.
  • B2B Lead Generation Service Search marketing to generate leads. Social media marketing to gather adequate lead. Content marketing. Search Engine Optimization. Paid advertisement to generate ideal lead. Email marketing as per your needs.
  • Data Entry Service Online data entry Documentation Data entry from form Survey data entry Others To fulfill these above requirements, you can pick us as your business partner with an offer-able and reasonable cost.

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