B2B Lead Generation Service

Partners BPO is a digital administrative support agency that focuses specifically on B2B Lead Generation for the cold email campaign. We can improve the results of lead generation efforts for B2B companies which are seeking to improve their sales pipeline. For the improvements of your business, you have to know about people’s interest in it. And for that, you have to get appropriate leads on it. For your business to business lead generating, online lead generation will the best technique to get the potential and appropriate lead. From a lot of prospective online platforms, you can generate your potential leads for your email marketing. But the fact is that most of the time people spend their time in the wrong way, for which their effort to generate proper lead is going to be just garbage. To improve your business, you have to learn the proper way of B2B Lead Generation and that needs lots of time. Oh! Nothing to hurry! As we know that you are a busy person with your business; there we are the partners waiting for you! We can help you to generate leads and also can do this appropriately for you.

What We Offer

We offer a wider range of Internet ResearchLinkedIn Lead GenerationEmail Sourcing and Contact List Building service. We create custom prospect list for sales and marketing outreach efforts. We engage with start-up to larger companies and individual decision makers. We provide following information of your targeted contacts:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Title
  • Direct Email Address
  • Social media Profile
  • Company Name
  • Website
  • Phone Number
  • Industry
  • Address
  • Revenue etc.
Our expert team is very experienced and they can understand your needs easily. B2B data sources, vendors, technologies, services, crawled data vs crowdsourced data, subscription vs list services, techniques – we know what is right for you. So, don’t wait. Just ping us. We are waiting to hear from you! Grab us to create prospective consumers of your products and services.  
Data Entry Service

Data or information has taken the most important part in this era of ‘one-village world. One needs to know and working with tons of data at present world, either he is a businessman or a job seeker. For your business enterprise, maybe you are suffering from troubles with your required and presentable data. Hey man! Why are you waiting? Just hire someone or any service provider for your urgent data entry service. There are amazing numbers of data entry service provider who provides service for various kinds of data entry task. Just appoint one who can fulfill your requirements efficiently. Partners BPO is an admin support agency that provides various online services to their clients with perfection and satisfaction. One of our provided services is data entry service. Our skilled professional is standing fearlessly to complete your requirements on the basis of data entry with huge experiences in this field.

Our Data Entry Services

  • PDF Document Indexing
  • Data entry service from Captured Images
  • Data Entry from Hand Written Hardcopy and Softcopy Documents
  • Data Entry for Receipts/Bills
  • Product Catalogs Online Data Entry Service
  • Data Entry from Hospital Records, Patient Records, Reports & Notes
  • Data Entry for Legal Documents
  • Data Entry from Business Cards
  • Custom Data Export/Import Interfaces with Audits
  • Data Entry of Customers’ Review
  • Audio Transcriptions Data Entry
  • Completing Online Survey Forms
  • Subscriptions Online Data Entry
  • Insurance Claim Forms Online Data Entry
  • Mailing Lists Online Data Entry
  • Online Copying, Pasting, Editing, Sorting and Indexing for Any Type of Data
  • Data Entry from Shipping Documents
  • Bonded Mail Handling Cash, Credit and Check Processing
  • Data Entry of/into Foreign Languages
  • Online Order Entry and Follow Up
  • Data Entry for e-Books
  • Invoice Processing
  • Content Management System Data Entry Service

Our Data Entry Team

Partners BPO comes with an excellent team that not only specialized in quick and precise data entry but also understand accurately several industries like customs logistics solutions, legal firm, healthcare industry and more. High-end data entry work in a short time is our specialty. If you would decide to hire the right data entry service provider for your data entry work with accuracy, just fill-up the form and hire us. Our Customer Service Team is waiting to hear from you.
Web Research Service

How rapidly the popularity of the Internet is growing! Isn’t it astonishing? In this digital era of technology, people over the world are starting to depend on the Internet for all of their daily activities. Internet takes a great role in our daily life and impacts our life amazingly. Nowadays people are depending on the internet for their deals and purchases, and businessmen are keeping the advantages of these things. Now, they are marketing their businesses on the internet and also form their businesses on it. Such a huge popularity of internet makes the web research an essential thing for any companies, enterprises, or organizations both for the profitable and non-profitable organizations. From web research, you can find what you are searching for. While in the past, you have to conduct person by person research for any data; internet makes it very simple for you. And there you also get more reliable and dependable data from the realistic research.

Advantages of Market Research

Web research is so much useful for any type of task. It is very advantageous also. From web research you can get these advantages below:
  • Have accurate data that you needed.
  • Can generate appropriate leads for your B2B research.
  • Learn about the new market trends.
  • Learn about the customer’s interests and choices.
  • Know the competitor companies.
  • Generate appropriate and potential clients and customers.
  • Gather more accurate traffic on the website.
  • Learn the factors of your business that you faced most.
  • Useful for proper business development planning.
Besides this web research can provide you all your required data and information at the least time and cost.

Problems that People Faced in Web Research

  • Following wrong way for research.
  • Get spam and non-reliable data and information.
  • Generate wrong leads for the appropriate clients.
  • Gathering wrong information on competitors.
  • Can’t learn the new market trends.
Basically, a wrong research can come with a whole unwanted and non-useful marketing strategy with full of wrong information. For the best result from the web research, you have to know the adequate way for the research with new technologies and tools. And that requires an experienced team for the research with new technologies. Here, Partners BPO stands with huge experiences and the best team with new-technology research knowledge to serve your purposes.

Our Expert Research Team with the Best Web Research Services

Our highly experienced web research team is boldly standing here to provide you these best web research services:
  • Product research
  • Market research
  • Competitor research
  • Event research
  • Leads research
  • List buildings
  • Clients and consumers research
  • Company directory data research
  • Product price analysis
  • Historical data analysis
  • Documental data analysis
  • Leads management
  • Background check and fraud detection
Partners BPO’s web research team is a pro team with highly experienced individuals in web research with the knowledge of using various new tools and technologies for researchers. Besides this, they are also working on inventing more new, easy, unique, and simple technologies for the web research. You can definitely depend on the team and hire us for your any types of web research tasks.
Email Marketing Service

Thinking for growing your business very fast? This is a bit difficult, but not the impossible. There are many ways to increase the rate of your business growth. But you have to follow the right way, which is tough to do. However, there are many service providers who are standing there to help you in your business growth. But all of them have not the same quality. For that, we are coming with Partners BPO, with a splendid team of experts. For marketing your products or services, cold email marketing can be a cost-effective, fast, flexible and effective way. It is a great way to reach new customers and retaining existing customers within just a few seconds.

Email Marketing Service Provider

For a booming email campaign, you must ensure that you have the right copy, design and marketing list. If you don’t have the time or skills to create your email contents, you have to hire a email marketing service provider. But the alarming fact is that all available service providers haven’t enough quality. But here’s Partners BPO stands to help you with email marketing service. You can hire us to create your email contents and sending them. We are here to provide you the best result from email marketing for increasing your customers.

Advantageous than Others

Email marketing permits you to track your audiences. While in printed marketing format as like as mailing letter, you can’t track them either the audiences get it or not. But with email marketing service, you can track the delivery, and even you can know how many people open your email. Besides these, email marketing will save your pocket and time also. You can send email to many people at once and it will not cost any extra for mailing or printing. At most, you have to pay some to an email marketing service provider.

Quick and Perfect Reach

Email marketing can help you to build more meaningful relationships with your customers. It also improves response rates to your direct marketing campaigns. While, to create customers from your website, you have to wait for a wide range of traffic in your site, you can easily reach to them by email campaign. Email marketing allows you to scale your audience. What do you want? Only targeted audiences or large audiences? It permits you for both.

Ideal Email Content

You can be flexible to create your message with nice and creative designs. But the fact is that if you create a large email with lots of images or other contents, it will take long time to load. And that can affect your audience interest. In addition, it is important not to overuse email marketing. Receiving marketing emails can irritate people if it is irrelevant, too frequent or unwanted. So, it is essential to create more targeted and personalized messages.

Highly Expert Team

We have expert copywriters and designers with lots of email marketing service experiences to make your contents more attractive and relevant for the audience. Our pro lead generation team is here to create your targeted audience list and also digital marketing team for making your marketing list.

Our Expertise

We know about the preference of your targeted customers for email content, offers, and frequency to engage them with your products or services. We have the knowledge to make responsive emails which people response quickly. Not only for saving your time, but also for the best results in your marketing strategy, you can hire us. We ensure you to grow your business more and more within a short period of time. We are waiting to hear from you. Please contact us to hire us as your business assistant for email marketing service.
Customer Support Service

Partners BPO come with such a high priority of providing an expert team of highly skilled network management individuals who think of customer support in a broad, and holistic way. For us, it’s not just about solving the problems of customers at hand (although that is critically important). Customer support also encompasses addressing customer-specific operational needs and strategy around how to improve the network as a strategic business.

Our Offers

Partners BPO offers you an incorporated customer support structure staffed by specialists, which is necessary for any enterprise networks. Our professional customer support team is ready to provide:
  • 24/7 Telephone hotline as you require.
  • Technical support.
  • Answering the inquiries from the customers and clients through your product and services.
  • Solving their problems with your products throughout the phone calls.
  • Providing your customer care address for big issues with products or services.
  • Contacting with potential customers throughout the phone calls and submitting new offers of your company to them.
  • Developing an awesome relationship with your clients and customers.
  • Generating new clients and customers.
Our professional customer support service team can solve problems quickly, usually within a few minutes to a few hours regarding the basis of the problem. Our professional services are also available for product improvements, customization, and custom implementations. We also take seriously the ideas of the customers for improving the products and services. And after that do research with those ideas and submit you the best ideas. If you are worried about your company’s customer support team, and not want to expense lots for it, you can hire our professional customer support team with a reasonable charge.
Project Management Service

Have a business project, but don’t find the perfect plan or ideas to develop it? Or have excellent ideas, but don’t know how to implement it? Just take the help of Partners BPO, your true virtual business partner. In any business, developing plans and implementing them is a necessity for the estimated growth. Without developing project properly, it is impossible to maintain or manage your business. If you are facing problems with your business and its project, maybe you need a project manager for your business. Recruiting a project manager permanently is so much expensive while hiring a project management service provider can save you lots of bucks.

Our Project Management Services

  • Gathering ideas and making plans for them for projects regarding your business type
  • Launching your projects
  • PMO (Project Management Office) Deployment and Operation
  • Project Review and Recovery Actions
  • PPM (Project Portfolio Management) Assessment, Improvement, Analysis, and Execution
  • Project Management Maturity Service
  • Project Management Methodology Development and Deployment
  • Project Resource Management
  • Demand Management
  • Project Operation Management
  • Project Report Management
  • Vendor Management

Why We

Managing a project is essential, but it is a big hassle. Tons of works are waiting here for you to be done, while it starts with gathering the ideas and ends with the report and result.  If you can’t do it perfectly, your project will be mashed totally. To make it easy but perfectly done, here is PartnersBPO’s project management service team with outstanding experiences. This excellent team can maintain your result perfectly and will deliver you an extraordinary result from the project for your business development. Just contact us. We are eagerly waiting for your knock
Social Media Management Service

In this present age, did you know how valuable social media could be? Most people over the world are using frequently one or more social media platforms for a long time in their daily life. We eat, sleep and breathe social media. People now are fulfilling their needs throughout the platform, that’s why businessmen are using those common platforms to engage with their loyal customers. But it doesn’t mean that you have to do all of these with your in-house resources or time. You can hire a social media management service provider to manage your social media business profile and social media marketing through the popular social media platforms e.g.

Social Media Setup

Knowing the right social media platforms for your participation is fundamental to business success. Being on less social media channels is better than being everywhere ineffectively. Partners BPO will support you to decide where to be, and even we can set up accounts if you don’t have already. Our graphic designers are here to build a consistent look and feel for your all social media profile. A group of SMM experts is here to study the new market trend and your competitors to build strategic plans for your social media marketing goal.

Our Social Media Services

  • Offering the best suitable social media channels regarding your business type and market.
  • Setting up new accounts on several platforms.
  • Designing your profile with a consistent look and feel.
  • Studying the new popular market trend based on your products and services.
  • Conducting a broad research on your competitors.
  • Providing a strategic social media management and marketing plan for your business growth.
  • Posting on your social media platforms with specific contents regarding your brand.
  • Boosting your search engine ranking.
  • Engagement to build a strong and permanent social community for your brand.
  • Monitoring of all platforms to respond to inquiries, comments, messages, and posts.
  • Connect with other relevant pages, communities, and users to promote increased visibility.
  • Planning promotional packages and offers for your loyal customers through social platforms.
With some outstanding experienced people in several sectors, Partners BPO stands proudly with plenty of experiences of managing social media profiles for several brands. If you want to make your social media profile effective for your business, then just contact us.
E-commerce Store Management Service

Having trouble with your e-commerce business store? Don’t worry here is Partners BPO to solve your problem. Just pick us as your virtual partner for e-commerce store management service to run your e-commerce site. Managing an e-commerce store is not an easy task. It needs lots of concentration and hard works. As an e-commerce store owner, you have to do lots of works. I assume that you already have a well-developed and modern design website to maintain your site. But a modern website is not the only one for running an e-commerce store and growing it. You have to do these also to manage your site properly and get a great number of customers.
  • Product listing to choose the best product
  • Product description writing
  • Product image editing
  • Product review writing
  • Product content uploading on the site
  • Marketing the products on the web
  • Social-media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Order collection and handle
  • Day-night customer service
If you want to avoid these problems either you have to know digital marketing and allocate enough time for doing those, or you can hire an e-commerce store management service provider.

Our E-commerce Store Management Services:

As an e-commerce store management service provider, Partners BPO stands with a lot of experiences in this field with a highly experienced and creative e-commerce store management team. We will try our best to provide the ultimate best service to our clients. To manage your e-commerce store, we are here with this service along with reasonable deal offers.

Product Listing

Product Listing can improve your sales with the best products. If you do not list the products perfectly and upload low-profile product, then people will not buy them and your site will be lowered in Google ranking. To avoid the problem you can hire our expert Affiliation team to list the appropriate products for your site.

Product description writing

After product listing, product description writing comes as the essential task. You need to provide a useful and audience engaging description of your products which can affect the customer’s decision to buy the product. A right, small, and SEO-friendly description with true features will be better. Here, come the demands of our expert writers who are well-experienced in a product review and other SEO-friendly content writing.

Design the product

Besides a right description, a unique and creatively designed image of the product with unique and amazing copy has a great impact on the popularity of your e-commerce store. For this, you need extremely expert graphics designer which you can get from the Partners BPO.

Digital marketing for the products

A well-planned content for a product may have so much importance for the sell. But without proper marketing, it has no use. For an e-commerce store, you have to plan for the marketing in digital media. You can create and publish ads on various online news media, do marketing on several social media platforms, blogs, and forums.

Customer service

It has great importance for any type of business. If you don’t provide the adequate service to your customers that they demand, they will not do any deal with you. In this situation, you need a smart and experienced customer service team. Therefore, you can hire us for that and provide 24/7 customer support service to your customers. Digital marketing is not that much easy as you think. You need a proper planning and highly experienced digital marketing team for it. That’s how Partners BPO helps you by providing the perfect plan and highly experienced digital marketing team. If you want to have all of these amazing facilities, you should hire us for your e-commerce store management service. We are eagerly waiting to hear from you.
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