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July, 11, 2018 | 08-56 am

In email marketing, finding out valid email address of potential leads is very essential. But it is difficult to make a list of valid email of potential clients and customers. Actually, generating leads become one of the popular job fields for IT professionals. Lead generators are forming leads through various platforms and methods.

LinkedIn is the most effective B2B lead generation platform that the largest amount of lead generators uses frequently. It is the social networking site that has more than 300 million users, who use this network for their professional purposes.

From a beginner to an expert, you can find every developers and employee in LinkedIn. Even all HR recruiters now are using LinkedIn to recruit new members of their companies or organizations. For that, LinkedIn becomes the biggest B2B prospects and the largest tool for the lead generation used by salespeople.

Thinking about the needs of those salespeople, today, we are here with the tips and tricks to find anyone’s email address.

Find-out Valid Email Addresses by LinkedIn Profile

Here are 3 processes to find an email address and verify it through LinkedIn. They are:

  • Linkedin Sales Navigator Tools
  • MailTester
  • Google Advanced Search


Linkedin Sales Navigator (Rapportive)

Maybe, you already know about Linkedin Sales Navigator. If you don’t, don’t be upset. It’s not important to know it before. Simply install it on your Google Chrome browser.

Linkedin Sales Navigator tools is an advanced Gmail plugin that can give you the email address with which a LinkedIn profile is associated. If there is any account linked to a LinkedIn profile, you can see it easily through Linkedin Sales Navigator tools. Basically, it is a product of LinkedIn.

  • At first, add sales navigator plugin in your Google Chrome extension. And then refresh your Gmail. You will find a sidebar in your Gmail. The sidebar shows the sales navigator that helps you to find a valid email address.
  • Add the Name2Email in your Google Chrome extension. This plugin of your extension can show you all the possible format of a Gmail account that you paste on your new mail.
  • Find out the company domain of the person that you want to find the verified email address. First, go to the profile, and then see the experiences and jobs description. From the present job, find out the company domain. You can find it with the company name.
  • Take the first name and last name of the person (with space) and then paste it in your mail. Then write down the @ symbol and after that paste the company domain.
  • The sales navigator tool along with the Name2Email plugin will show you all the possible mail address with this address. They will show you the valid email address automatically. If they don’t show the valid email address, simply move the cursor on each address, and watch on the sales navigator sidebar.
  • Find out the valid email address from the info of each email address (LinkedIn profile link, profile picture, or video icon).

In this process, we can find out a valid email address from a LinkedIn profile.


If you can’t find a valid email address, or can’t be sure about the address with the Linkedin Sales Navigator tools, you can use another procedure. This is MailTester.

  • First of all, write down Mailtester on your browser and search, or simply go for the mailtester.com.
  • Paste the email address that you made the first name, last name, and company domain
  • Remove the space between first name and last name, and put a dot between them.
  • Then click the search option or push the enter.
  • Wait for a moment and give the network to do the search work and reload the page.
  • If the page shows some lines with green color where all the details of the email address are arranged, then you can sure that it is a valid email address.
  • And, if the id is not valid, then it the MailTester will show red color besides the green.
  • Check all the email addresses that you have from the Sales Navigator and Name2Email to find the verified one.

I think you will find your required one.

Google Advanced Search

Sometimes, you can be worried, when you will not find the valid email address through these above 2 processes. But all problems have solutions.

Here is the final Google Advanced Search to find a valid email address from a LinkedIn profile. While above 2 processes are quite easy to use, this Google searching procedure is quite complex and time-spending. But the process can give you the ultimate valid email address that you are working for.

When a company uses different domains for the email addresses of their employees, it becomes difficult to find out a valid email address of an employee. Usually, this occurs with the large companies or those who have regional or country office in several countries.

For such a company, it becomes difficult to find an email address with the Rapportive or MailTester. At that time, you should go for the Google Advanced Search.

  • In the beginning, open your browser and write down email to and the domain name of the company in the search bar.
  • The next process is quite complex. You have to find one or more email address from the search result of that company. It may be in the 2nd, 3rd, or any other pages. So, you may need to spend the time to find out the result.
  • After finding out the email address or addresses, you have to research them. At first, find out the format of the email address that the company follows (the writing pattern). And another thing is the domain name for email.
  • Then do your search work with several options of email address and find out the valid one.

Use the Google Advanced Search to find a valid email address, when all other procedures will be failed.

Final Verdict

You can find out a valid email address from a LinkedIn profile by following one of this 3 processes. You may think about other free tools for the lead generation. But, before that, do some research.

Remember one thing, all tools can’t provide the accurate result. They can drive you with wrong information. So, be sure about the result before using other tools. I think you don’t want a long-list of bulk email addresses that have no use.

We only elaborate on these 3 processes, because all of these processes are verified for the accurate result. For more information or for your lead generation service, you can contact us.

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